A Series of 90 - 120 min Stand Alone Modules that can be run independently or combined to form a training program.
Image by Nick Morrison

Working virtually

120 MINS

  • List the best practices of working virtually

  • Explore tactics on being productive while working remotely

  • Learn to build social connections remotely


120 MINS

  • Recognise impact of stress in the VUCA world

  • Explore five pillars of building resilience

  • Incorporate practices in daily life to overcome stress and build your resilience muscles

virtual communication

120 MINS

  • Make sense of the news rules in virtual communication

  • Create impact by using technology tactically

  • Explore best practices around communicating in the virtual world

virtual presentations

120 MINS

  • Gather top tips to make virtual presentations engaging

  • Explore the aspects of body language, eye contact & tone in the virtual world

  • Incorporate best practices to make use of platforms like Zoom, MS Teams, etc.

managing conflict

120 MINS

  • Identify your 'Conflict Handling Style'

  • Understand the different styles and how to adapt to each unique style in conflict situations

  • Practice Conflict in Real-play scenarios and situations

Virtual Teams

120 MINS

  • Understand the nuances of working in virtual teams

  • Identify the 'Team Impact Curve'

  • Explore techniques and principles of collaborating virtually

  • Exploiting technology and tools to enhance virtual interaction