Helping Hand

We believe that Coaching can unlock potential faster and more effectively than any other intervention for individuals within the organisation. 


We help organisations build leadership effectiveness through strategic coaching  of key leaders in the C-Suite and Senior Management Roles. 


Our coaches are certified professionals who have spent adequate time handling real world corporate challenges and have been coaching Senior Executives for at least a decade. They work with executives and bring about transformations in their work & interpersonal effectiveness through a series of Six Months to Year Long Interventions.  

Here are some of the benefits as listed by the Coachees and organisation stakeholders post the coaching intervention:

  • The coaching helped me to integrate with the corporate culture of my organisation. 

  • I've had breakthrough conversations with my subordinates increasing the overall productivity of the business unit.

  • I'm more intentional in my conversations and work post the coaching intervention.

  • I've become more strategic in my outlook and have started looking at things from a broader perspective. 

  • I've become a better coach to my subordinates as a result of the intervention.

  • My team has really progressed since I've started the coaching journey. People listen to each other, support each other and enjoy coming to work more. Performance has improved

  • My department has achieved a much better team spirit

  • Better communication within the team, shared understanding of the vision, very high mutual trust has been developed. 

  • My team feels 'safer' to discuss thorny issues with me post my coaching interventions. ​