This is a program dedicated to improving the communication skills of Mid to Senior Level Managers. It covers the essentials needed to present your ideas across levels, influence across the organisation and enhance your Personal Brand 
Image by Nick Morrison

Communication baseline

120 MINS

  • Framework of advanced communication

  • Recognise audience’s internal representations & Filters

  • Identify default communication styles of others and adapt accordingly

communicating with presence

120 MINS

  • Learn to speak assertively and confidently

  • Learn to create a Personal Brand image

  • Understand the power of empathetic communication

The ARt of persuasion

120 MINS

  • Understand Aristotle’s model of persuasion

  • Engage others through Socratic method of questioning

  • Learn techniques for deep listening

  • Learn verbal & non verbal nuances to enhance persuasiveness

virtual presentations

120 MINS

  • Gather top tips to make virtual presentations engaging

  • Explore the aspects of body language, eye contact & tone in the virtual world

  • Incorporate best practices to make use of platforms like Zoom, MS Teams, etc.

diplomacy & tact

120 MINS

  • Learn to speak with authority and tact

  • Learn to Disagree agreeably

  • Learn to deal with aggressive behaviours

  • Identify steps to create win-win situations


120 MINS

  • How to conduct a review meeting

  • Tips on giving feedback that works

  • Explore tactics to hold people accountable and motivate them towards their stretch goals

new age communication

120 MINS

  • Understand new age tools like teleconferences and video conferences

  • Learn how to lead teleconferences and video conferences

  • Learn how to participate in teleconferences and video conferences

  • Identify “best practices” for teleconferences and video conferences

  • List common pitfalls in teleconferences and video conferences