A Series of Modules to help First Time Managers traverse the complex world of leadership today. The program equips leaders with essential tools to make their leadership journey effective and inspirational. 
Image by Nick Morrison


120 MINS

  • Understand the difference between leader and manager competencies

  • Explore our current roles within the organization and how will they shape up in the next few years

  • Strategise how we want to progress within the organization and how will we go about doing it

leading self

120 MINS

  • Explore the role of 'Values' in leadership

  • Identify your values and create a brand in alignment with them

  • Learn to align Organisational Values with Personal Values

  • List steps to build Credibility within the Organisation

leadership styles

120 MINS

  • Identify your core Leadership style using an inventory

  • Learn to harness your core strengths as a leader

  • Develop a plan of action to improve your critical impact areas

leading performance

120 MINS

  • Apply the four stages of the Delegation Cycle when delegating initiatives to individuals and teams

  • Use the Performance Grid to determine what to assign and to whom


120 MINS

  • Understand why influence is important

  • Articulate personal influence strengths and developmental gaps

  • Recognize the components of effective influence

  • Be aware of different sources of need and motivation


120 MINS

  • How to conduct a review meeting

  • Tips on giving feedback that works

  • Explore tactics to hold people accountable and motivate them towards their stretch goals